Charles Petzold

Progress on the WPF 3D Book

May 1, 2007
New York, N.Y.

The contractual deadline for me submitting all the chapters of the WPF 3D book to my publisher was yesterday and, well, I didn't make it. I've been given another month, and fortunately it's a 31-day month rather than a 30-day month. I'm going to need every day. Microsoft Press is scheduled to ship the book to the printer on June 27th, so it should be available in the stores in early August.

The chapters are shaping up like this:

  1. Lights! Camera! Mesh Geometries!
  2. Transforms and Animation
  3. Axis/Angle Rotations
  4. Light and Shading
  5. Textures and Materials
  6. Algorithmic Mesh Geometries
  7. Matrix Transforms
  8. Quaternions
  9. Applications and Curiosa

Each chapter will be about 40-45 pages long, and yes, there will be pictures and subheads. But no color. I'd rather keep the book as inexpensive as possible, and color certainly doesn't help that goal.

I have a lot to do this month: I have the 3D book to finish, of course, as well as the accompanying Petzold.Media3D library, and an upgrade to XamlCruncher. But Devscovery is coming to town, and I'm scheduled to speak and plan to do some serious hanging out with my friends from Wintellect and the conference attendees.

So hold off on any blog entries that will get me frazzled and distracted, OK? In return, I'll try to deliver the best WPF 3D book I'm capable of writing. Deal?