Charles Petzold

Where’s the Grown-Up Version of Zune?

May 5, 2010
New York, N.Y.

I was installing the Zune desktop software on a newly rebuilt partition when it asked me to enter "three of your favorite artists," so I quickly typed in one of my very favorite composers:

Zune Fail

Huh? What kind of reaction is that to this towering figure in music — a man who Wikipedia calls "one of the most frequently performed and recorded of all composers," and whose music is currently available (according to on over 1000 CDs and 50 concert DVDs, and which also appears (according to Internet Movie Database) in over 70 movies?

Moreover, look at this list of representative "artists" that the Zune program does recognize:

All of which suggests that I must have accidently downloaded the kids' version of the Zune desktop software. But now I'm stuck. Where do I get the version for grown-ups?