Charles Petzold

Wedding's Over — Back to Work

October 30, 2007
New York, N.Y.

When I'm writing a book (as I am now) I like to have at least 5 full work days per week. If I lose one day during the week, I'll work Saturday or Sunday; if I lose two work days, I'll try to work both weekend days.

I have gone on record recommending against getting married while working on a book, both explicitly (see Rule No. 5) and implicitly (see Rule No. 7). Fortunately, Sunday's wedding between Deirdre and me wasn't too disruptive to my work schedule, partially because we kept it simple, but mostly because Deirdre graciously handled virtually all the preparation and details.

All tolled, I lost three work days: Thursday was preparation for Friday's travel day from New York City to Utica. Saturday was preparation for a mostly catered dinner at Deidre's mother's house, Sunday was the wedding itself, and yesterday we drove back to New York City.

And now it's time to resume the regularly scheduled program.