Charles Petzold

Whippif (the song)

December 9, 2005
Roscoe, NY

People get so accustomed to codenames (like "Avalon") that when the product finally gets some boring official IBM-ish name (like "Windows Presentation Foundation") the whole mystique is shattered. No-one wants to give up the codename, least of all the the people who have built the thing. Chris Anderson originated the joke that WPF is really pronounced "Avalon." (The WPF is silent.)

Trouble is, we're going to have to start calling it "WPF," and I'm afraid that WPF sounds like "whippif" to me, and that brings to mind the famous Devo song.


Code that app
Get it done A-SAP
That XAML hack
Breaks the camel's back

When a project comes along
You must Whippif
When your client wants it strong
You must Whippif
When WinForms is all wrong
You must Whippif

Now Whippif
Use a Shape
Data bind
Go forward
UI too dull?
Just animate!
And Whippif
Whippif good

When some good code starts to fail
You must Whippif
Set Dispatcher on its tail
It's all in Whippif
No one gets to bail
Until they Whippif

I say Whippif
Whippif good


Now how the hell am I supposed to get any work done with that going through my head?