Charles Petzold


August 23, 2005
Roscoe, NY

Finishing a book in August can be brutal. All summer we've been staying at Deirdre's house in the Catskills, and guests have been visiting, and it's been like "Charles can't go swimming with us because he has a book deadline."

Of course, my deadline — August 26th for final manuscript submission — is pegged to the November release of .NET 2.0 and Whidbey, now officially known as Visual Studio 2005. The new book (Programming Microsoft Windows Forms) is focused heavily on the .NET 2.0 enhancements to WinForms, including dynamic layout, ToolStrip and its descendents, DataGridView, and ClickOnce.

Like a James Bond movie, this blog starts with the completion of one assignment before commencing with the main plot....