Programming Microsoft Windows with C#

Visual C# Doesn't Include "Empty Project" option

On page 4 I discuss how to create an Empty Project. Unfortunately, while Visual Studio .NET includes this option, Visual C# .NET does not.

Adding the Empty Project option to Visual C# .NET is fairly easy, however. Simply copy the text file CSharpExForEmptyProject.vsdir to the directory:

on your hard drive.

The VSDIR file format is documented at /Visual Studio .NET/Developing with Visual Studio .NET/Manipulating the Development Environment/Creating Add-Ins and Wizards/VSDir Files. Each line of the VSDIR file refers to a different project template. All VSDIR files in the CSharpProjects directory are accessed by Visual Studio .NET when you wish to create a new C# project.

Customarily, the first field of each line in the VSDIR file refers to a VSZ file that, in turn, references a subdirectory of the VC#Wizards directory for the script and files necessary to create the new project. However, an empty project doesn't require any files except for a CSPROJ ("C# Project") file. In that case, the first field of the line in CSharpExForEmptyProject.vsdir simply references a default CSPROJ file that is already on your hard drive, and which is used by other project templates.

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