PC Magazine Utilities by Charles Petzold

PC Magazine is now charging a fee to download the following utilities. I am afraid there is nothing I can do about it. I do not receive royalties from the fees that PC Magazine is now charging, and I am contractually prohibited from distributing these programs myself. If you want to complain about this policy, one place you can do so is the "Utilities Help" section of the PC Magazine Forum

Change video mode quickly. (PC Magazine, October 1, 2002)

Plays MIDI files on visual keyboards (PC Magazine, February 26, 2002)

Displays IE favorites for convenient access (PC Magazine, April 24, 2001)

Displays clocks around the world (PC Magazine, September 1, 2000)

Captures screen image to file (PC Magazine, May 23, 2000)

Sets PC clock to exact time (PC Magazine, Nov. 18, 1997)

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